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Welcome to the Sunshine Stuff movement, brought to you from our wonderful island of Cyprus! If you are reading this then you share our love of all things holiday, fun and happiness, our mission is to spread happiness throughout the world. Love your life and help others see the bright side of life.

Enjoy our website (we hope you smile at something), suggest new items or posts that make you happy in our comments section, and spread the word – help us to make the world a happier place. There is only 1 rule – NO NEGATIVITY!

Who can you make smile today?

In all seriousness…

Unfortunately, depression is one of the largest growing problems in our world today. No doubt a symptom of our society. Depression was once described to me as having a bad day which turned into a bad week, which turned into a bad month, which turned into a bad year. You never know who is suffering.

So be kind, be patient, don’t judge – you don’t know what demons others are struggling with.

See if you can bring a little brightness to someone’s day. Your actions are powerful, you could save someone’s life.

So be grateful for this day and go about your day with kindness and joy, and smile at random strangers. The worst that can happen is that it makes you laugh!

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It’s just fun, and who knows it might have some interesting outcomes. Smile at a random stranger today. 🙂

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We are all here to bring happiness and joy to the world. Help us try to make the world a happier place and share our posts and products.



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Hello there Sunshine!

OK so it’s my idea so I take the blame for any issues with the website or products. However, I can’t take credit for the impact the ideas and products of Sunshine Stuff, that’s all down to you.

Join our movement, spread the word, and smile! Let’s make the world a happier place.

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